Do you ever feel isolated, unlovable, and like your dreams aren’t even worth pursuing?

Discover How to Unleash Your Inner "Gorgeous"...and Finally Turn Your Deepest Desires into Reality!

Join Me on a Journey to Feeling the Total Life Confidence You Need to Be the Real, Radiant You!

Psst! I've got a secret...

I know something about you that YOU might not even know yet...

You, dream-girl, are GORGEOUS.

And no… I’m not talking about looking like some runway model.

You have a spark inside you that could light up a room. You’ve got beautiful, brilliant dreams that are so real you can see them every time you close your eyes.

Your infectious grin and magnetic personality pull people in like some kind of magic… but really it’s just you being you.

You’ve got the heart of a lamb, but you can be a lioness when you need to.

You are strong, sassy, and one smart cookie. Truth is, you’re a rare catch that anyone would be crazy-lucky to find.

But that’s not how you feel most days, is it?

If you’re anything like millions of other women, that inner beam of sunshine that lights up the world is buried so deep down you might not even see it right now. Instead of living into your true, gorgeous radiance, you’re stumbling through life under a dark cloud.

  • You WANT to feel confident and empowered to achieve your dreams... but those ugly DOUBTS keep creeping back in and putting out your light…
  • You want to love who you see in the mirror… but you can’t see past the cottage cheese thighs and muffin top staring back at you...
  • You’ve been hurt by life, and you’ve got the scars to prove it… but instead of bouncing back you stay STUCK in the past, unable to forgive others or yourself...
  • You try to put on a strong front… but on the inside you’re crumbling, crippled with FEAR, REGRETS, and ANXIETY that keep holding you back…
  • You know you should take better care of yourself… but you’re too busy pleasing the rest of the world to pay any mind to what YOU need...
  • You know you keep surrounding yourself with the WRONG people… but you keep making the same mistakes over and over because you don’t feel worthy of something better...
  • You feel like you’re TRAPPED with no one around who can help you make the changes you need to make… and you'd be too embarrassed to ask even if there were...

Listen, I don’t know your exact story just yet. But I do know that you WANT to be happy.

You want your feelings to match the inner gorgeous you know lives inside you… but it remains hidden somewhere.

The worst part is...

You've tried everything under the sun to reconnect with that inner glow that will light up your world and everyone around you. You’ve read every self-help book, attended every “life-changing” seminar, done every program, bought all the designer shoes and miracle serums, and tried every fad diet, but so far… NOTHING has worked.

You still feel overlooked, unworthy, and disposable. Like your dreams – and your life – don’t really matter.

Feeling as Gorgeous as You Truly Are Can Seem Impossible... And That's Not Your Fault!

Like I said before, this is NOT about looking like some runway model. That’s a very shallow view of what it means to be gorgeous that has been imposed by our culture.

But because you’ve been taught — like most of us were — by Hollywood, the media, and now social media that your WORTH as a WOMAN is based around someone else’s WILDLY UNREALISTIC expectations of PHYSICAL beauty…

Well, you’ve developed a scathing inner critic that undermines what truly makes you gorgeous.

In an effort to keep up with the world’s expectations and standards of “beauty,” you’ve developed deep inner feelings of unworthiness and insecurity.

Because these deep-seated beliefs have been molded into you from an early age, you may not even consciously realize they’re there at ALL…

...much less realize how they DESTROY your self-esteem, confidence, and body image.

Without even realizing it, you let these negative feelings haunt the dark corners of your mind, limiting you from going after your dreams and keeping you from becoming the truly gorgeous, radiant woman you are meant to be…

It’s like battling a monster you can’t even see!

Your inner critic is always playing in the background of your thoughts like a broken record. Keeping your gorgeous radiance under lock and key so it can’t shine out into the world.

But What if You Redefined Gorgeous and Could See Yourself in a Whole New, Sparkly Light?

What if gorgeous took on a whole new meaning for you that was much, much more than how a person looks?

What if you could stop listening to your inner critic and start feeling that fabulous secret that's waiting to be unleashed from within you right now?

And what if you had a course that showed you step by step what it REALLY means to be gorgeous... and how to replace all the gloom, limitation, and unworthiness you feel right now with a stunning ray of gorgeous that lights up your whole world?


  • You'd feel RELIEVED, knowing you don't have to stay isolated, discouraged, and depressed because you'll feel as gorgeous as you truly are...
  • You'd feel 1000x HAPPIER, knowing exactly when to say no and when to say an emphatic YES! so that you can live life the way YOU want to instead of living to please other people...
  • You'd feel FULFILLED, finally enjoying the healthy, sizzling, and fun intimate relationship with your partner you both desire and deserve...
  • You'd feel OPTIMISTIC, opening yourself up to the vibrant opportunities the universe has in store for you and finding peace even in the midst of challenges...
  • You'd feel EMPOWERED, with the profound knowledge and Girlfriend Words of Wisdom you need to grab life by the horns, achieve your deepest dreams, desires, and goals, and become the woman you are meant to be...

Fierce-heart, that is exactly what I hope for you today. I've created a brand new course that will show you step by step how to live into the characteristics of a gorgeous woman – Not by having perfect hair and makeup or wearing the latest designer clothing, but by commanding rooms with your magnetic charm and stunning confidence, spreading joy and generosity, and simply being YOU!

But before you discover all the gems that await you inside, let me tell you a little about me.

How I Discovered My Own Glitteringly Gorgeous Self (and Now so Can You)!

Hi! In case you don't already know me, I'm Claire Casey, author of international bestseller Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever and creator of

I have the coolest job in the world. I should, since I wrote my own dream job description, and then hired myself. 🙂

It’s my job to believe in (with all my soul), to gently guide (when asked), and to wholeheartedly cheer for other women.

Pretty awesome, right?

I've helped countless women around the world boost their inner confidence, self-acceptance, and happiness. Women have told me that I helped them capture their "dream man," dramatically improve their relationships, and start seeing their beautiful future with new, fresh eyes – regardless of the past.

But before all that happened? Well...

I had a huge problem.

I honestly believed that the only way I could be loved and accepted was to give my entire self away in hard work and suffering. I never did anything for myself. In addition, I spent a lot of time hiding what I believed were my flaws (which were really just things about me that made me human.) In my mind, I made all this self-sacrifice and self-loathing sound pretty noble, and it nearly cost me my marriage, my kids, and everything that’s really important to me. And one day, as I was ruthlessly comparing myself to some of the other women in my life who I thought had it all together and were undeniably gorgeous…

Suddenly I had this weird little thought.

I wondered if I could figure out what made those other women so GORGEOUS, so that I could (maybe) (oh, please!) get a little bit for myself.

So I started making a list. I desperately needed to know…What made them special?

How were they so captivating?

Why were people drawn to them like bees to honey?

Well, you won’t believe what happened.

When I looked at my list, I saw something shocking.

NOWHERE on my list was there ANYTHING about the color of their hair or the size of their waist. There was NOTHING about how much money they made, what special skills they had, how their bodies were shaped, or even what lucky breaks they had gotten...

INSTEAD, there were 12 POWERFUL things that they ALL had in common.

Twelve things that are actually FREELY and WIDELY available… even if they weren’t commonly understood or celebrated by our media or culture.

And even MORE stunning than that (!) was my instant realization that...

...I could EASILY have what THEY had!

I finally understood what — exactly! — I'd been missing.

  • I could FINALLY realize my secret dreams.
  • I could save my marriage and quickly, RADICALLY change the way I was raising my sons.
  • I would become the woman — wife, mother, writer, friend — that I knew I was MEANT to be.

And I wouldn’t have to lose weight, spend a fortune, get some kind of special training, or work for years to begin.

It was such an INTENSE RELIEF and revelation!

And not only that, but I realized that unleashing my inner GORGEOUS was going to create a CASCADE of other refreshing gifts in my life.

It’s now my dream to pass on this special beauty and energy to YOU... To TEAR DOWN the BARRIERS that keep you from thriving... And to cheer madly for you as you release your limitations and reach up for the dreams that call to you.

To my international, intergenerational, intercultural TRIBE of gorgeous sisters...

This is for you. For me. For US, together.

A Course In Gorgeous

Unleash Your Inner Radiance & Bring Your Deepest Longings to Life

A Course in Gorgeous is a 12-part online course designed to take you on a journey from the self-conscious, anxiety-ridden, albeit GORGEOUS mess that you are... to the graceful, self-assured woman you are destined to be.

As you work through this course at your own pace, you'll find all the step-by-step instruction and interactive tools you need to grow into a truly gorgeous woman who loves herself and is deeply attractive to everyone she meets.

A Course In Gorgeous Is (Strawberry) Jam-Packed With...

Online tools that will make exploring your new course a soul-nourishing adventure...

This is Your Roadmap To...

  • Getting UNSTUCK from the emotional roller coaster that drains you of all your energy, confidence, and self-esteem…
  • Finding peace with the wounds of your past and having the uncanny ability to BOUNCE BACK from tough situations...
  • Taking as GOOD CARE of yourself as you do of those around you... (You'll know what your needs are and you won't put them on the back burner anymore)…
  • Drastically REDUCING your social anxiety and no longer letting someone else's criticism cripple you…
  • CALMLY explaining your point of view when someone disagrees or challenges you... instead of getting all bent out of shape and stressed out over it…
  • ELIMINATING TOXIC people from your life... and getting shockingly good at picking great friends (men and women alike) who are actually good for you…
  • Having the CONFIDENCE and self-worth to be happy in who you are – without comparing yourself to others or feeling compelled to put on a perfect front…
  • Developing HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM and having the power to gracefully accept a compliment…
  • Feeling completely and utterly FREE to be the incredible woman you really are... no masks, no makeup, just the real, amazing you...
  • And SO much more...!

Here's EXACTLY What You're About to Discover

Chapter 1: Choose Joy

Joy can be a feeling, but it's also a choice. Joy is the bright, glowing fabric of the universe, and you're made of it. Discover why you can avoid joy if you want, but you'll never destroy it... Find out what REAL joy is (Hint: It's not being extroverted) and how it makes you gorgeous!

Chapter 2: Embrace Your Inner Mule

The happiest people in the world don't sprint. I'll let you in on what they do INSTEAD. Win free of the sticky past... and discover how to start working towards your dreams again! (Plus, as a special bonus, I'll tell you exactly why mules are so darned gorgeous!)

Chapter 3: Stop Dieting Forever

It's easy to fall into the trap of "quick fixes" and fad diets. There's a better way to live healthy at ANY size, and I will show you how. You'll learn how to hold on during difficult seasons, and keep loving yourself no matter what the scale says.

Chapter 4: Accept All the Love the Universe Sends Your Way

You deserve of OCEANS of LOVE. And guess what? The universe wants to give it to you! But...You struggle to accept all that love. You block it, fight it, and reject it in so many ways. This chapter is loaded with powerful mantras, searing questions, and thought-provoking ways to help you grow your capacity to unabashedly accept love like a gorgeous woman should!

Chapter 5: Plan to Live Forever, But Use the Good China Anyway

In this section, you'll learn to easily incorporate the "plan ahead" impulse with the pleasure of "celebrating now". There's a special, fierce love letter from me hidden in here, too. You're going to LOVE this inspiring chapter!

Chapter 6: Mend Broken Things

Your scars can be a special part of your beauty. They show your healing. Your power. Your story. Join me as we discover the art of kintsugi, which celebrates your brokenness AND repair as a gorgeous part of your history. Discover how special touchstones and both ancient and modern practices can help you in your journey of healing!

Chapter 7: Maintain Your Reserve

Learn how to hold yourself back at the RIGHT TIMES by developing a deep understanding of the emotional currents around you. I'll show you tricks and techniques to help you avoid extremes, and you'll discover how to grow your emotional intelligence by asking great questions, understanding body language, listening deeply, lowering your stress, and more.

Chapter 8: Learn What You Want in Life (and Make a Plan to Get It)

To get what you want from life, you've got to KNOW what you want and make a PLAN to go after it. I'll help you map your satisfaction in life and figure out what your REAL dreams are (as well as what's distracting you). You'll discover how to avoid getting stuck and keep moving closer to your dreams.

Chapter 9: Put the Biggest Rocks in First

Rubber meets road in this chapter where I show you how to stop just "going with the flow" and start making "rocks-based" decisions to get from where you ARE to where you truly want to BE.

Chapter 10: Ask Powerful Questions

Want great relationships? Ask great questions! Discover the incredible value of having someone you trust – a friend, mentor, or coach – ask you questions that keep you thriving and help you face down your demons. This chapter gives you everything you need to be the kind of woman who asks questions that inspire, engage, and excite!

Chapter 11: Give Away Great Stuff

You don't have to give everyone in the audience a car. THIS is about sharing something much bigger (and better). You, soulshine, have so much to give. Find out just how rich you really are and discover my CRAZY SECRET for getting re-energized and living a healthier, happier, more optimistic, more trusting life you love!

Chapter 12: Cultivate Emotionally Healthy Mentors, Coaches, and Friends

Discover the best way to know if your friends, coach, or mentor is TRULY good for you and helping bring out your radiance, rather than throwing you into shadow. You can grow a gorgeous garden of loving friends who deeply care for you, and I'll show you how, starting by revealing the top 5 weeds that prevent true friendships from growing...

4 MORE Reasons You'll Love A Course In Gorgeous

Deep & Lasting Results

If after exploring the course and trying out the online tools for change you still aren't finding total life confidence and the fulfillment of your deepest heart’s desires, simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

Effortless Access

Because all of the materials and life change tools for this course are online, you can learn from anywhere and journey at your own pace. So you can reap the benefits without worrying about or struggling for time.

Gorgeous On Your Mobile Devices

Everything looks simply gorgeous on your iPod, tablet, and computer. And the quick and easy one-click-downloads makes getting the printed materials you want a breeze.

A Vibrant Community

The Ask Claire Community is a vibrant gathering of women from all over the world. You’ll be joining an elite group of like-minded people whose commitment to personal growth will help you find the new horizons you’re seeking.

PLUS, Grab These FOUR Exclusive Free BONUSES When You Order Today!


One Month FREE Membership In the Ask Claire Cafe

Ask Claire Cafe is an exclusive community of like-minded women seeking personal growth and empowerment. Here, you'll join other women with similar goals, dreams, and struggles who will be eager to offer you the understanding, encouragement, and support you need for your journey to living into the gorgeous woman you truly are. (I'm there, too!)

Inside the Cafe You'll Find...

  • Access to my private advice (inside the forum) and biweekly heart-to-hearts on the Coffee With Claire podcast, ONLY available within the Cafe
  • Exclusive private forums for 24/7 girlfriend support, encouragement, and inspiration
  • World-class relationship how-to’s, ah-ha’s, secrets, and surprises
  • First access to my newest courses, eBooks, and quizzes that can’t be found anywhere else


Flirty, Dirty, Funny, Nerdy: 365 Texts for Him

It only takes SECONDS to MAKE his day!

From sincere admiration to spicy-hot lovebombs, you (and your man) will LOVE this book filled with hundreds of awesome text messages to send.

The texts are divided into 5 sections: Sweet and Flirty, Sizzling Hot, Nerdy and Geeky, Funny and Foody, and Beautiful and Loving. There's something to fit EVERY mood.

There are actually MORE than a year's worth in this fun little book (because once I got started, I just couldn't stop), and once you start using them, you'll get plenty more ideas of your own!


Cafe Mini-Course: How to Bring Your Wildest Dreams to Life

Welcome to Your Dream (Finally!) Come True

It's never too late to go after your dreams. It doesn't matter how many times you've failed, stutter-started, or given up... because your glass isn't half empty OR half full – it's refillable!

This mini-course is six easy chapters, plus a unit on troubleshooting your dream. I'll share the 3 most important things you need to do to get started, and unlock the secret of how to get UNSTUCK at any stage. You'll find ALL the resources you need to make your wildest dream happen...

Girlfriend, this mini-course has been WAITING FOR YOU to come along!


Relationship Repair Cheatsheets: How to Fix the Top 6 Relationship Disasters

In just 5 minutes, you could STOP the damage, and begin the healing...

If you can puzzle out those big issues that hit couples again and again and again, you and the man you love stand an EXCELLENT chance of surviving and thriving and growing your love, when so many others just don’t make it.

These little cheatsheets are for women who don’t have time for a lengthy course or book on a particular issue. They are designed to give you all the essentials as quickly as possible, so that you can get to work IMMEDIATELY on restoring your relationship.

When you need help, these little Relationship Repair Cheatsheets bring it fast!

Girlfriend, Can You FEEL It?

Your heart thrumming...wondering...hoping?

Your soul, starting to AWAKE to the promise that your dreams CAN be a reality?

And the glorious revelation that you DON'T have to do it alone?

YOU have the power to make GORGEOUS things happen in your life. You've waited long enough. NOW is YOUR time to shine!

Here's Everything You Get When You Enroll Today...

  • A Course in Gorgeous, a 12-part online multimedia course
  • A Course in Gorgeous Downloadable PDF Workbook and Journal
  • Tons of quizzes, affirmations, reflection questions, and action items to propel you to your real, gorgeous self
  • Access to my private advice in the Cafe forums with your one month free Gold Membership
  • Exclusive private forums for 24/7 girlfriend support, encouragement, and inspiration
  • Bi-weekly heart-to-hearts through my podcast that's only available within the Cafe
  • BONUS Ebook: Flirty, Dirty, Funny, Nerdy: 365 Texts for Him
  • BONUS Mini-Course: How to Bring Your Wildest Dreams to Life
  • BONUS Ebook: Relationship Repair Cheatsheets: How to Fix the Top 6 Relationship Disasters
  • No waiting! You'll get INSTANT ACCESS to all the courses, quizzes, and other materials right on your computer or mobile device

You’ll get the complete program, with all the bonuses, including a FREE month in the Ask Claire Cafe. Click below and you'll get EVERYTHING for…

A Course in Gorgeous + Bonuses: $57

Cafe Membership: First Month FREE

If you choose to keep your membership in the Cafe, you will be rebilled at only $25/month for 11 months. After 11 months, you'll be a Lifetime Cafe Member and never pay again! You may cancel at any time by simply emailing our team at

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You Don't Have to Say "Yes" Today... Just Say "Maybe" and Try A Course in Gorgeous Risk Free!

Just Enroll in A Course In Gorgeous Now and…

  1. Use the material. (It's easy and lots is done for you!) Try the quizzes, the affirmations, and the other action items. Allow yourself to be inspired!
  2. Listen in to a few of my heart-to-heart podcasts. Take a look around the forums and even join a conversation or two…
  3. Allow your soul to begin to expand, your spirit to begin to sparkle! Let yourself begin to dream a bigger, more beautiful dream for yourself…

If you're not absolutely thrilled with the REAL RESULTS you experience just contact my team at and we'll give you a full, prompt, courteous refund. No questions asked.

All you have to do is click the button above…

Real Success Stories, From Real Women, Just Like You!

Don't Waste Another Moment Letting the Life You Want Pass By...

No matter where you live, how old you are, how many mistakes you've made in the past, or how little you believe it right now, you CAN create radical life changes – starting today.

How do I know?

Because this time it's different. You won't have to struggle to figure things out on your own. You won't get stuck inside your own head with that nasty inner critic. You won't have toxic people around you telling you all the reasons why you "can't."

Instead, you'll have a roadmap that will guide you step by step, and take you on a soul-soaring journey to unleashing your inner gorgeous and achieving your deepest longings!

On top of that, you'll have me, your own real-life heroines, and a community of like-minded women inside Ask Claire Cafe to hold your hand and encourage, advise, support, and inspire you every step of the journey.

All you have to do is decide to begin. Don't put it off another day! Those days become weeks, and months, and seasons... NOW is your time, soulshine.

Give yourself a chance to unleash your inner gorgeous woman, and bring your deepest longings to life!

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P.P.S. I don’t want to put pressure on you, but if you’re even a LITTLE tempted you need to grab this offer while you still can!!

Listen: This program works. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this, and I’m deeply proud of it. And I want YOU to experience what it’s like to unleash the gorgeous woman inside you and see all your dreams begin to come to life… It’s life magic of the highest order, and I want you to experience it!

And this community is beautiful. I work hard to make sure there are NO toxic people, NO critics, NO tearing down of one another inside the Cafe. You’ve had enough of that in your life, heartshine. In the Cafe, I make it my PRIORITY to to believe in you (with all my soul), to gently guide (when you ask), and to wholeheartedly cheer for your success.

I’ve done everything I can to make this the easiest decision of your life

Just click the button below and you’ll have access to the complete Course In Gorgeous program, all the bonuses, and the Ask Claire Cafe, and you can start USING it less than two minutes from right now.

Claire, I’m Ready To Unleash My Inner Gorgeous and Let My Deepest Dreams Begin to Come to Life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Will I have to wait for a hardcopy of my materials to be sent to me?

    A.Nope! Everything — course materials, quizzes, and even the Course In Gorgeous Workbook and Journal — everything is online. You CAN (and I hope you will) download the Workbook and print it off, but you don’t have to. Let the tech HELP you reach your dreams!

  • Q.What if I change my mind and want a refund?

    A.Easy one. Try everything out for a full 60 days, and if you don’t think it’s AWESOME (which I think you will), then you will get a full, courteous refund, no questions asked.

  • Q.Will the Cafe and Forums be open 24/7?

    A.Sure will. Our community is global, and we all have different times when we are able to access things. Nice, right?

  • Q.Can I do all this on my mobile devices?

    A.You sure can! And everything looks just as great on your mobile phone or your tablet as it will on a desktop computer.

  • Q.Claire, are you a certified therapist?

    A.No I’m not. If you need professional help, you should definitely look for that from someone who has been trained and certified as such. I’m a woman (a wife, a mom) much like you, and I just happen to have a fair amount of life experience — and some AMAZING and WISE girlfriends who have taught me much — and I’m also a writer. I mixed it all together, and voila! Ask Claire Casey, along with all my courses and books were born!

  • Q.Will this work for guys, too?

    A.A Course in Gorgeous is written and created for women, but there are a (very) few fellas in our community. The main purpose of Gorgeous, and the Cafe, are for women to have a PRIVATE place of our own; a place where we don’t feel anyone is “looking over our shoulder” or negatively judging us. Mostly it’s just us girlfriends in there. 🙂

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